How Car Rental Software Benefits Car Rentals Service Providers


Those days are gone when we faced a lot of difficulties to book a car from faraway place. We only can book the car on telephone, but with the emergence of information technology it becomes easy to book a car when and where we want. Advancement of science and technology has made possible to car rental companies to provide seamless and organized services to their customers. A vast network of Uber and Ola in India and aboard is a success story of car rental business.

Our company Axis softech has designed and developed Car Rental Software for travel consolidators, travel agencies, travel aggregators, B2B agencies, B2C agencies and tour operators to do business throughout the world. The software has made life easy for car rental companies by standardized the features like taking reservations, tracking cars and monitoring rate management and thus any car company big or small could dominate the car rental market. By the help of car booking software, car rental companies manage the booking immediately after the same is enquired by customers on mobile phone or the company’s website.

The car rental software helps travel companies to provide customized booking system for the customers. This software is user-friendly any quite easy to operate. Whenever the customers try to get the information regarding availability of vehicles, booking of vehicles and price quotes on its website they get the same with just a click of mouse. It also provides real-time availability and a view of estimated traffic present on a particular location. It also facilitates the customers to know about the booking status. The software instantly sends booking information through email and SMS to satisfy the customers. The mode of payment system is also integrated to this software to provide payment information on email or SMS.

Car rental Software is over all solution of travel management companies, so every travel and tour company should have this to survive the competition. Axis Softech has developed Car booking software which are many advantages including-

  1. Special offers
  2. Policies and conditions of the service
  3. Advance search criteria
  4. Additional services for users

Axis Softech is one of the biggest car rental portal development companies in India and has won many awards. Having a number of online car rental application the company got credit having largest market capitalization on basis of monthly booking of seats.



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