Why need Travel Agency Software for Online Air Ticket Booking?

Online Ticket Booking SoftwareIn today’s environment, travel management companies need to utilize every aspect of internet services to compete with the pressure from mega agencies, online travel companies, and regional players. Using outdated technology will drastically reduce the economic conditions especially when competition intensifies. Travel agency software hence becomes necessary to manage end-to-end business information, reservation, contracts, operations, and distribution management system for travel agencies.

Travel Agency Software

Need for an online air ticketing system

There is much necessity for an online system to store and retrieve travel related contents since single handed work becomes burdensome to the agencies. Online ticket booking software for air tickets booking offers many positive results like seamless and fast flight search and booking process, secure payment systems, social media applications, multi-language and multi-currency support, and also mobile-adapted ticket booking.

corporate travel solutions

An online flight reservation system is required to manage airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservation, and ticket records. Making complex settlement, processing transactions related to flights, accommodations and transfers, billing and reporting requirements, and managing operational tools to optimize business processes is not a onetime task.

flight booking engine

Benefits of travel agency software

Axis Softech travel agency software for online flight booking is an intuitive interface which manages your initial contact with clients, creates travel itinerary documents accompanied by photos and maps, produces quotes, booking the suppliers, accounting and emailing newsletters. There are various other advantages of having this software which are as follows:

  • Increases revenue: Many travel agencies are wasting time and money on error corrections and manual tasks, unrecognized vendor commissions. It is possible to drive more sales with an online presence.
  • Reduces staffing and overhead costs: Integrates directly with your local applications eliminating the need for additional manual processes.
  • Optimizes sales efforts: It enables direct bookings of flight from your corporate website and helps you in boosting the online ticket sales. Creates notifications and reporting that will allow you to respond and refocus sales efforts based on market conditions.
  • Improves customer satisfaction and retention: Provides customers with detailed and accurate reporting that meet their specific needs. Reduces the response time for customer requests due to single source data.

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Since flight reservations are believed to have the maximum bookings in respect to travel industry, you can achieve more profit by promoting other value added services and auxiliary products along with the air tickets. For more info. just visit at http://www.axissoftech.com


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