Axis Softech: Best Travel Portal Development Company in the Market

Axis Softech private limited is the leading best travel portal development company located in New Delhi. Web portals including travel portal, e-commerce portal, real estate portal etc. are the main areas we deal in. Nowadays, our main focus is towards the development of high quality travel portal. Travel portals enable rail berth booking, air ticket booking, bus booking, rental car booking, and travel package booking. The list of such services is inexhaustible and on every other day, a new facility or service is being added to the travel portals across the globe.

Travel Portal API Provider

Axis Softech provides travel portal to the clients with the facilities of B2B and B2C consultancies and application programming interface (API) for reserving anything online, be it in one’s territory or beyond it, and also request forwarding. We design and develop a travel portal according to the concept and vision of a client. We always keep in mind that the monetary transactions should take place, personal data and relevant queries are sent across the internet. We also focus on the transmission of some confidential data that need to be kept protected, secured and locked away from the fears of being hacked.

travel portal development in delhi ncrOur company works on the latest technology of ASP.NET 3.5 and visual studio 2008, which bring new functionality around web development and design, that creates next generation websites more simpler and easier than ever. ASP.NET is a development framework for creating a powerful, pattern based ways to develop dynamic web portals. With the help of this, we can quickly develop pages with sophisticated, responsive user interface, and more effective client server interaction by simply adding a few server controls to the pages.

Ticket booking: May it be for international air, domestic air, or for domestic rail, internet based applications are linked to the GDS (global database system) via application programming interface (API) to collect all the data from the online inventory on international or domestic air tickets or domestic rail tickets. When the customer will enter his/her request, distinct results will be shown and when the customer will select anyone of them then it will be subsequently redirected to towards the payment gateway.

Hotel Booking Engine Integration Service: We design a travel portal in a way that as soon as an entry is included for hotel information or data via API, a list of different hotels will appear on the screen matched with tariff and type of the hotel to the front end of the application of GUI format. On choosing and selecting a specific hotel, the request should be redirected to the payment gateway.

Payment Gateway Integration Service: we allow our customers to pay either through credit cards or through the debit cards. In both cases, security should be of excellent and optimum kind so that no lacuna may occur.

In this way, we provide you the ultimate service of high speed and high quality travel portal development at the most cheapest prices in the market. We are the best tour and travel portal development company and the leading travel API provider in today’s market.


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